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Wix to WordPress Migration
Website Design
Video Editing
Social Media Marketing for Lead Generation
Google Ads
YouTube Ads
SEO (on page, technical and content writing)
Graphic Design
Gaining number 1 position in google and bing for “online group tutoring” 

ClassTutor, a forward-thinking online tutoring service, aimed to transform the educational experience for children.

Offering premium, interactive group lessons taught by top-tier university teachers at affordable prices, they needed an enhanced digital presence to become the top choice for “online group tutoring.”

What We Did

We devised a holistic digital strategy to elevate ClassTutor’s online presence:

  • Wix to WordPress Migration & Website Design: Upgraded to a versatile WordPress platform, creating a user-friendly and informative website.
  • Video Editing & Production: Produced compelling educational videos to showcase ClassTutor’s unique interactive lessons.
  • Social Media Marketing for Lead Generation: Launched targeted campaigns to attract parents and students, boosting enrollment.
  • Google and YouTube Ads: Developed strategic ad campaigns for maximum visibility and targeted audience reach.
  • Comprehensive SEO (On-Page, Technical, Content Writing): Enhanced website content and structure, securing top rankings for key terms like “online group tutoring.”
  • Graphic Design: Created visually captivating graphics to bolster brand appeal and effectively communicate ClassTutor’s message.


Our multifaceted strategy significantly lifted ClassTutor’s online profile, achieving the number 1 position on Google and Bing for “online group tutoring”. The website revamp and engaging video content improved user interaction, while our ad campaigns and SEO initiatives drove increased visibility.

Our efforts in social media marketing effectively generated leads, cementing ClassTutor’s place in the digital realm. With this, ClassTutor not only enhanced its digital footprint but also reasserted its commitment to providing quality education at affordable prices.

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