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Website Portfolio

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WordPress Website Design

Libby Watson

Libby Watson’s WordPress Design Project serves as an intriguing blend of personal branding, SEO strategy and user-centered design. Libby, a professional with a unique blend of skills and experiences, sought to create an online presence that not only showcased her portfolio but also reflected her personal brand’s ethos and values.

Additionally, the project aimed to establish a content management system that enabled easy updates and management, ensuring the site’s longevity and relevance.

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WordPress Website Design


Step into the vibrant world of, where stellar website design transforms the educational journey. Here, every pixel sparkles with creativity, making learning not just interactive but irresistibly fun.

It’s a place where aesthetics meet functionality, ensuring every lesson is not only accessible but also engagingly presented. Get ready to experience a platform where design brilliance makes education not just compelling but delightfully captivating!

marketing xp lincs landscaping mobile 310d3420

WordPress Website Design

Lincs Landscaping

Step onto the digital grounds of Lincs Landscaping, where exceptional website design meets the artistry of landscaping. This platform is a virtual canvas, showcasing vibrant visuals and seamless navigation that mirror the elegance and precision of Lincs Landscaping’s outdoor creations.

The website reflects the company’s commitment to beauty, functionality, and the transformative power of nature, all designed to inspire and engage potential clients.

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WordPress Website Design

Eden EMC

Eden EMC where the website’s design is a reflection of their commitment to excellence and innovative solutions. This website stands as a testament to clarity and innovation, with its clean, green, and efficient design mirroring the company’s focus on mechanical and electrical services.

The site’s intuitive layout ensures that visitors can easily explore the comprehensive range of services, while the engaging visuals and interactive elements. 

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WordPress Website Design

Eventus UK

Explore the elegance of Eventus, where the website mirrors the splendor of Asian weddings and expert event management. It’s a digital showcase of cultural richness and sophisticated design, guiding visitors with the ease of a well-planned ceremony.

Every click through their site is a step closer to envisioning your magnificent event, encapsulated in a user-friendly, visually stunning online experience. This website is where tradition meets modern elegance.

marketing xp eight five detailing mobile 1cb71b85

WordPress Website Design

Eighty Five Detailing

In the development of the Eighty Five Detailing website, the project leveraged the robust flexibility and user-friendly nature of WordPress to create a digital presence that truly reflects the brand’s high standards in mobile car detailing.

The site was meticulously crafted to showcase the company’s attention to detail, expertise, and commitment to automotive perfection.

marketing xp the teaspoon club mobile cfad8f84

Shopify Website design

The Teaspoon Club

The website for The Teaspoon Club was meticulously crafted to showcase their specialty in providing high-quality food recipe kits. The design harmoniously blends functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating an inviting digital space that reflects the brand’s passion for culinary excellence.

It’s a streamlined site where customers can effortlessly explore and purchase diverse recipe kits, each promising an exquisite home-cooking experience. This website encapsulates our approach to delivering a user-friendly, visually appealing website, thoughtfully tailored to enhance the customer’s journey from browsing to unboxing their next gourmet adventure.

marketing xp liquornpoker mobile 6cb495e9

Shopify Website Design

Liquor n Poker

The website for Liquor n Poker was expertly designed to embody the brand’s edgy and distinctive ethos, specialising in bold, fashion-forward denim wear. The site seamlessly marries style with functionality, offering an immersive, user-friendly experience that perfectly mirrors the brand’s commitment to unique, high-quality, and trend-setting apparel.

It serves as a dynamic digital storefront that captivates and engages customers, showcasing the extensive range of denim pieces through a visually striking and easy-to-navigate layout.

marketing xp jeanandmoon mobile f984e07d

Shopify Website design

Jean & Moon

The website for Jean & Moon was thoughtfully designed to reflect the brand’s unique blend of timeless elegance and contemporary design, specialising in personalised gifts. The site’s aesthetic is a testament to the brand’s philosophy of simplicity, beauty, and the art of illustration.

It provides a sophisticated eCommerce store that showcases their exquisite gifts, engaging customers with high-quality imagery, elegant product displays, and a seamless, intuitive shopping experience.

marketing xp kee2fitness mobile 51392969

Squarespace Website Design


The Kee2Fitness website was designed to reflect the Keetan’s dedication to fitness and personal training. It combines a clean, motivational design with user-friendly functionality, offering visitors easy access to programmes, success stories, and booking options.

This site’s engaging, informative layout and responsive design effectively embody Kee2Fitness’s commitment to helping individuals achieve their health and wellness goals.