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Doctor Aishah


Logo Design
Email Automation
Lead Generation Strategy
Social Media Marketing

Doctor Aishah Iqbal, a fervent advocate for women’s health, is dedicated to empowering women at all stages of life. Specialising in lifestyle medicine, weight management and behavior psychology, Dr. Aishah needed a robust digital strategy to share her unique method, the Mind Over Diets (MOD) Method, and reach more women seeking a holistic approach to health and wellness.

What We Did

We crafted a multi-dimensional digital strategy to amplify Dr. Aishah’s message and services:

  • Elegant Logo Design: Created a simple yet elegant logo featuring Dr. Aishah’s name, symbolising clarity and professionalism in her approach to health and wellness.
  • Email Automation: Set up automated email campaigns to consistently engage her audience with insightful content and updates on her services.
  • Targeted Lead Generation: Implemented a lead generation strategy focused on attracting professional women interested in personalised weight management and wellness.
  • Social Media Marketing: Developed dynamic social media campaigns to raise awareness of Dr. Aishah’s unique Mind Over Diets (MOD) Method and her various health programs.


Dr. Aishah’s digital presence flourished. The clean, clear logo effectively represented her brand, resonating with her audience. Our lead generation and social media strategies successfully connected her with more women seeking guidance in weight management and overall wellness.

Through our collaboration, Dr. Aishah extended her empowering message to more women, helping them lead healthier, more confident lives.

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