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Eden EMC, a premier Electrical Mechanical Contractors provider based in Birmingham, after successfully revamping their brand identity, sought to enhance their online footprint. They required a specialised WordPress site to effectively showcase their projects, expertise, and sector involvement.

What We Did

  • Dynamic Logo Design; Crafted a green, text-based logo with a leaf motif, embodying growth, sustainability, and Eden EMC’s eco-conscious approach.
  • Cohesive Branding Materials; Developed professional and sophisticated letterhead and business card designs that complemented the new logo.
  • Expanding the Digital Landscape; For the new website project, we delivered a comprehensive solution:
  • Custom WordPress Website Design; Designed a bespoke, user-friendly WordPress site tailored to Eden EMC’s needs. The site was structured to highlight their portfolio of projects, showcasing the breadth and depth of their expertise in the electrical and mechanical contracting space.
  • Rich Visual Content; Integrated high-quality images and galleries displaying Eden EMC’s previous projects, giving potential clients a visual narrative of their capabilities and achievements.
  • Sector-Specific Showcase; Created dedicated sections for each sector Eden EMC has worked in, providing detailed insights into their versatile experience and adaptability to different industry needs.
  • Engaging Copywriting; Crafted compelling, SEO-optimised content for the website. Each page was meticulously written to convey Eden EMC’s expertise, service offerings, and the value they bring to each project.
  • Interactive Project Portfolios; Developed an interactive portfolio feature, allowing visitors to explore Eden EMC’s past projects in detail, enhancing user engagement and providing a comprehensive overview of their work.


This enhanced digital presence dramatically elevated Eden EMC’s online visibility. The bespoke website not only showcased their extensive portfolio but also highlighted their sector-specific expertise.

The combination of rich visuals and engaging content successfully attracted a broader audience, leading to increased inquiries and client engagement. Our continued partnership with Eden EMC underscores our dedication to their ongoing growth and digital success.

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