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Edgbaston Arabic School


Social Media Marketing
Lead Generation
Graphic Design
Video Editing

Edgbaston Arabic School, a pioneering institution in teaching Quran reading, Hifdh, Arabic, and Islamic Studies, has a rich history of educational excellence.

With a distinctive teaching methodology and a focus on early childhood Islamic education, the school sought to enhance its outreach and attract more students and parents to its unique educational programs.

What We Did

We collaborated closely with Edgbaston Arabic School to elevate their digital presence and outreach:

  • Strategic Social Media Marketing: Launched targeted social media campaigns to increase awareness of the school’s unique SMILE System (Semi-Montessori Islamic Led Education) and active parent engagement model.
  • Effective Lead Generation: Developed lead generation strategies aimed at parents seeking early childhood Islamic education, emphasising the school’s provision of classes for children as young as 9 months.
  • Engaging Graphic Design: Created visually appealing graphics that resonated with the school’s ethos, highlighting their innovative teaching methods and nurturing environment.
  • Dynamic Video Editing: Produced captivating videos showcasing the school’s vibrant learning atmosphere, student testimonials, and the effectiveness of their educational approach.


Our comprehensive marketing and design efforts significantly boosted Edgbaston Arabic School’s visibility.

The social media campaigns reached a wider audience of parents interested in early Islamic education, leading to increased inquiries and enrollments. The creative graphics and videos effectively communicated the school’s unique teaching methods and the joyful learning experiences of their students.

As a result, Edgbaston Arabic School has strengthened its position as a leader in innovative Islamic education for young children, continuing to grow and inspire future generations.

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