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Digital Marketing Support
Training and Support with Pitches
Data analysis
Strategy and Research

Founded in 1936, Gough Bailey Wright has evolved from a traditional ad agency into a full-service, independently owned agency with a rich heritage in the West Midlands.

Despite their success and nearly 90 years of experience, Gough Bailey Wright sought to further enhance their digital marketing strategies, training and pitch preparation, especially in the realms of data analysis, strategy, and research.

What We Did

We partnered with Gough Bailey Wright to bolster their digital marketing prowess:

  • Comprehensive Digital Marketing Support: Provided expert assistance in developing and implementing cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns, ensuring they resonated with both consumer and trade audiences.
  • Advanced Training Programs: Conducted specialised training sessions for the Gough Bailey Wright team, focusing on the latest digital marketing tools, data analysis techniques, and strategic planning.
  • Data Analysis and Research: Delivered in-depth data analysis and market research, equipping Gough Bailey Wright with valuable insights for crafting more effective marketing strategies and pitches.
  • Pitch Preparation Assistance: Assisted in preparing compelling pitches for potential clients, integrating our data-driven insights to showcase Gough Bailey Wright’s unique capabilities and innovative approach.


Our collaboration with Gough Bailey Wright significantly enhanced their digital marketing capacity. The training and insights provided allowed Gough Bailey Wright to offer even more sophisticated and impactful services to their clients.

Our support in pitch preparation contributed to winning new business, reinforcing their reputation for excellence.

As Gough Bailey Wright steps into a new era with fresh leadership and partnerships, our joint efforts ensure they continue to thrive in the dynamic advertising landscape, merging their rich heritage with modern digital prowess.

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