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Lincs Landscaping


Ongoing Website Updates
Social Media Management
Google Ads
Lead Monitoring and Optimisation

Lincs Landscaping, a local landscaping expert renowned for creating stunning, low-maintenance gardens, sought to elevate their online presence.

Their goal was to regularly update their website with fresh content and images, enhance their social media engagement, and efficiently manage online advertising and lead generation.

What We Did

We crafted a dynamic digital strategy tailored to Lincs Landscaping’s evolving needs:

  • Ongoing Website Updates: Regularly updated the services pages on their website, ensuring that the content remained fresh, informative, and reflective of their latest offerings.
  • Project Image Uploads: Uploaded recent images of completed landscaping projects, showcasing their expertise and the high quality of their work to website visitors.
  • Website Copywriting: Provided engaging and descriptive copywriting for the website, effectively communicating the value and uniqueness of Lincs Landscaping’s services.
  • Social Media Content and Management: Developed and managed content for Facebook and Instagram, increasing engagement and building a community around their brand.
  • Targeted Google Ads: Ran strategic Google Ads campaigns to broaden their reach and attract new clients in their service areas.
  • Lead Monitoring and Optimisation: Diligently monitored leads generated from various channels, continuously refining strategies for better conversion rates.


Our comprehensive approach resulted in a significant enhancement of Lincs Landscaping’s digital footprint. The website’s regular updates, coupled with visually appealing project imagery, effectively showcased their landscaping prowess, attracting a wider audience. 

Our active social media management and targeted Google Ads campaigns led to increased engagement and a growing client base. Overall, our collaboration with Lincs Landscaping has not only modernised their online presence but also aligned it with their passion for creating beautiful, enjoyable outdoor spaces.

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