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Luxo Fashion


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Email Marketing with Klaviyo
Business Automation

Luxo Fashion, a trendsetting retailer in men’s designer brands, aimed to modernise their marketing approach and streamline their business processes. They sought to leverage Facebook and Google Ads, integrate advanced email marketing with Klaviyo, and implement business automation, all while providing flexible payment options like Klarna and Clearpay for their SS23 collection.

What We Did

We developed a comprehensive digital strategy to boost Luxo Fashion’s online presence and efficiency:

  • Facebook and Google Ads Campaigns: Implemented targeted ad campaigns on both platforms, focusing on showcasing Luxo Fashion’s latest SS23 collection and their flexible payment options.
  • Email Marketing with Klaviyo: Utilised Klaviyo to create engaging, personalised email marketing campaigns, enhancing customer engagement and retention.
  • Business Automation: Streamlined various business processes, integrating automation tools to improve operational efficiency and customer experience.
  • Expert Consultancy: Provided ongoing consultancy services, offering strategic advice to optimise Luxo Fashion’s digital marketing efforts and e-commerce platform.


Our collaboration led to a significant enhancement in Luxo Fashion’s digital marketing capabilities. The Facebook and Google Ads campaigns effectively increased visibility and attracted a fashion-forward clientele.

The integration of Klaviyo for email marketing facilitated more personalised and effective communication with customers, boosting sales and customer loyalty. Business automation improved operational efficiency, allowing Luxo Fashion to focus on growth and customer service.

Through our consultancy, Luxo Fashion not only adapted to the evolving digital landscape but also set new standards in online men’s fashion retailing.

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