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Optima Hair


Google Ads
Lead Tracking
Social Media Strategy & Management
Blog Writing
Created a Brand Identity

As the UK’s Number One hair system experts, Optima Hair Specialists stands out for providing high-quality, non-surgical solutions to hair loss. Based in Birmingham, they needed to amplify their online presence and showcase their expertise in hair integration systems and hair loss solutions, while maintaining a warm and welcoming brand image.

What We Did

We focused on a holistic digital marketing approach to highlight Optima’s unique strengths and services:

  • Targeted Google Ads Campaigns: Implemented Google Ads to increase visibility and attract clients, emphasising Optima’s leading position in non-surgical hair loss solutions.
  • Lead Tracking and Optimisation: Set up comprehensive lead tracking to evaluate and refine advertising strategies, ensuring optimal performance and return on investment.
  • Social Media Strategy and Management: Developed a robust social media strategy across Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, portraying Optima’s professional expertise and friendly approach to hair loss solutions.
  • Content Creation for Blogs: Produced engaging blog content, enhancing SEO and establishing Optima as a knowledgeable authority in the field of non-surgical hair solutions.
  • Branding through Graphic Design and Social Media: Crafted a distinctive brand identity that reflects their expertise, warmth, and professionalism, solidifying their image as a trusted hair loss clinic.


Our comprehensive digital strategy significantly elevated Optima Hair Specialists’ online presence. The targeted Google Ads successfully drew attention to their specialised services, resulting in increased inquiries and client engagement. 

Our social media efforts built a supportive community, while the informative blog content established Optima as a thought leader in non-surgical hair solutions. The development of a cohesive brand identity resonated with clients, offering a sense of understanding and discretion. 

Optima Hair Specialists now enjoys a robust and welcoming digital footprint, mirroring their commitment to providing top-tier solutions for hair loss.

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