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Salia Naturals


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In the diverse landscape of skincare, Salia Naturals made their mark, promising eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free skincare products, powered by potent, ethically sourced ingredients. However, to truly empower sensitive skin warriors, they needed a powerful digital platform. That’s where the skilled crew at Marketing XP stepped in.

Building a Shopify Masterpiece

We set to work, creating an appealing and user-friendly Shopify website for Salia Naturals. The site was filled with engaging copy, seamlessly guiding visitors to the checkout with an array of skincare wisdom. However, our work didn’t end with simply setting up the site.

The task of keeping Salia Naturals’ website at peak performance fell to us. We performed regular checks, implemented SEO enhancements, and kept a close eye on the competition. By providing comprehensive Shopify training and essential business advice, we prepared Salia Naturals for a successful digital journey.

Steph, our social media expert, then came into the spotlight. She plunged into the world of social media trends, identifying the most relevant hashtags and the tone of voice that would resonate with Salia Naturals’ audience.

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Instagram Innovation

Steph used her insights to create a cohesive graphic pack for Salia Naturals. She drew from industry standards, designing an Instagram aesthetic that was rooted in nature and natural colours. But true to Salia Naturals’ innovative spirit, she added pops of bold colours. These vibrant elements, a tribute to Salia Naturals’ distinctive packaging and their key ingredients, created a visual tapestry that perfectly represented the brand’s identity.

The Road Ahead

This tale of digital transformation is still unfolding. Today, Salia Naturals proudly stands in the digital realm, their website a testament to their commitment to quality skincare, and their Instagram a dynamic showcase of their brand.

Our collaboration with Salia Naturals embodies Marketing XP’s commitment to assisting businesses on their digital journeys. 

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